Steve herding the cows in for milking. Photo by Claire HoustonAPPRENTICESHIP

Our paths to becoming farmers were paved by our experiences under the tutelage of other farmers. We understand that one of the cornerstones of a life in farming is learning by doing, and the education of working alongside a seasoned farmer cannot be overlooked. There is a distinct need to teach a new generation of farmers and we are pleased to be able to offer a year-long apprenticeship to help train an aspiring farmer.

Both Steve and Sarah have educational backgrounds. Steve has been an outdoor and agricultural educator of all ages, leading farm tours, running workshops and working with interns for years. Sarah has created curriculum and taught students in the garden and on the farm in many capacities, from 2nd grade tours of her farm in Davis, to running on-farm workshops for all ages, and managing a small educational farm program and teaching undergraduates at Stanford University. We are excited to share our knowledge and experiences with a new generation of farmers.

Sarah teaching a turkey slaughter workshopEach spring, new farm apprentices are hired to learn all the ins and outs of running Winter Hill Farm, and to help with the everyday tasks of managing a diverse farming operation. Apprentices will be expected to work a more –than- full-time week which will require sometimes exhausting but hopefully satisfying days of work.

Each apprentice will have two days off a week (almost always in a row), to allow for some down time and rejeuvination. We will work with each new apprentice to determine an exact work schedule according somewhat to the individuals’ interests, but apprentices will be expected to participate in all activities on the farm as needed. We believe that the true reward of a position like this is to be able to leave at the end of the apprenticeship empowered with the knowledge that comes from this kind of work, and expect apprentices to take an active role in their own education.

A private room in a lovely, shared apartment above the barn is provided, as well as a stipend. Apprentices receive veggies, dairy, eggs and some meat from the farm, but are responsible for staples and luxury items. 

Please contact us for specific questions about the apprenticeship.  You can apply for our apprenticeship through the MOFGA website (our farm listing is CUM20). We work with  MOFGA to ensure a good apprenticeship program on our farm. Please don't hesitate to email us if you need more information.

PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT currently accepting apprentices. Please check out MOFGA's listings for current host farms.

Winter Hill Farm apprentices enjoying some down time!