PLEASE NOTE: We are taking a break from our vegetable CSA in 2017 but ARE offering a TOMATO CSA. Read more HERE and fill out our application before July 15!

We grow a diversity of vegetables and flowers seasonally here at Winter Hill, which we sell on farm and through our CSA program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a model of direct marketing which benefits both the farmer and the customers. Subscribers pay the farmer in advance, and then receive a weekly share of fresh products from the farm during the specified season. Subscribers are supporting farmers regardless of what happens during the season; some years may see a bumper crop of tomatoes, and other years blight may knock out the tomato harvest altogether. In addition to receiving fresh, delicious products (and eating well all season), subscribers get the added benefit of truly knowing their farmer and where their food comes from. To learn more about the CSA model, check out this ATTRA publication.

We also sell vegetables off the farm, so be in touch and come see us for your fresh veggie needs!


About Winter Hill Farm’s CSA subscription

Our CSA baskets will be available from early/mid-June through sometime in October each year. We offer a lot of diversity, but not so much that your head spins trying to figure out how to use vegetables you have never heard of! Every week we include at least 8 items, some repeats from the previous week but also new items from week to week. I also try to include a short newsletter with each box, including some delicious recipe ideas for new ways to use your veggies! We only offer one size at this time. This basket provides enough vegetables to feed a typical omnivorous family of 2-4. We also have options for additional products, all produced here on the farm- eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, and flowers. CSA members have the option of adding items for wholesale prices.  



What you can expect

To give you a sense of what might be available throughout the season, we have created this chart:


Payment details

Payment for the full season, 20 weeks, is $525. What a steal! This is considerably less than you would pay for the same items separately at the farmers market. We understand that not everyone can pay this full price upfront. We are willing to discuss payment options on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us with any questions.