DAIRYPhoto by Claire Houston

Winter Hill Farm produces fresh, unpasteurized whole milk, whole milk yogurt, and artisanal cheeses, including fromage frais, feta, bloomy rind cheeses and aged raw milk cheeses. You can find out more about our cheeses here


Raw, whole milk

Our milk is delicious! Our Randall cows produce a lower butterfat than some dairy breeds, but our Jersey cows make up for it! Our cream layer seems to be less dense than pure Jersey cream, and we think it is lovely. Because we don’t homogenize the milk, a layer of cream does float to the top of the milk jug, which makes is easy to skim the milk yourself if you want a skimmer milk, or if you want to use the cream in your coffee. There are some noticeable seasonal differences in the milk (and thus in all of our products made with milk) that come from changes in the cows' diets depending on the time of year.



We have quite a dedicated following for our yogurt.  Our yogurt is thick and mildly sour, with a cream top. It seems that Europeans are especially fond of our yogurt, as it resembles something they might taste back home. The culture we use is described as having a ‘mild yogurt flavor’, and a ‘smooth heavy body’.  At our house, we love it on pancakes, alongside curry dishes or with a simple drizzle of maple syrup for dessert. Yum!







We produce and sell a variety of cheeses. We make a number of fresh soft cheeses, bloomy rind, washed rind, and aged raw milk cheeses. Our cheeses are all crafted with care in small batches, made only with our own milk. For more information about the cheeses we produce, click here