EGGSIsaac feeding some Golden Comets

We currently have about 200 chickens in our flock. Primarily these are a breed called Golden Comets. These birds are mild mannered, great brown egg layers, and excellent foragers.

In the spring and through the growing season, the birds are pastured out in the fields in egg-mobiles which will follow (loosely) in rotation behind the cows. Managing pastures this way is really beneficial for all of us. The chickens get to eat tasty pasture and forage for insects, while spreading the cow manure and helping to reduce any parasite load that might otherwise be present. The chicken manure is also a very rich source of nutrients for the grass, which helps to replenish it for the next rotation of cows.

Winter housing

In the winter, the birds have safe, dry amd warm housing inside one of our 50' hoop houses (which are used for growing crops in the summer). The birds still have access to the outdoors, but frankly love to hang out in their plush, toasty home rather than brave the cold.

Our chickens are fed certified organic feed.

our very first egg paid at Winter Hill

 The eggs we get from our chickens are the best you will eat, with rich orange yolks that cannot be beat! 

You can get our delicious eggs  at any of our farmers' markets, or right here on the farm (check in with us first before coming!). Try 'em, you'll be hooked!


chickens on summer pasture