"As a family, we’ve been buying milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and kefir at Winter Hill Farm for over 5 years. We visit the farm frequently for our weekly purchases. The prices are a bit lower when one buys at the farm, as opposed to the local stores served by the farm, but our reasons for visiting the farm are more personal- we like knowing the farmers and the animals who provide the products that are such a key part of our weekly diet."  –Bob E., Farm customer

"The farmers at Winter Hill Dairy make every effort to provide consistently available and pure dairy products for our community's families.  We appreciate the hard work they must do every single day of the year!"   –Chris Colson, New Leaf Farm

"After 3 months of no dairy for my baby, I was retested yesterday with a few types of raw and non raw milk products- only Winter Hill passed!!! Thank you:-)" -Hannah G., customer

"Excellent products and friendly people! My favorite cheese by far! If you don't try something from Winter Hill Farm you are missing out!" -Sarah A., farmer's market customer

"Sarah did a fantastic job putting together beautiful bouquets for my wedding! The flowers from Winter Hill and other local farms were gorgeous and vibrant! Thank you so much!" -Becca H., customera wedding bouquet. Photo by Kelsey Kobik

"The fresh raw milk, yogurt, and cheddar cheese are outstanding. Worth a special trip to the farm, though I know Rosemont and Royal River carry your products. I like to visit the calves!" -Pamela H., customer

"what a beautiful family and what great things you are doing for your community. such diversity!" -Lauren P., Swallowtail Farm

"The best cheese, pork and yogurt in town. Nicest people to deal with good farm practices too. What else can you ask for?" -Farmers market customer