Set atop a hill surrounded by woods and rolling pasture in the beautiful southern midcoast region of Maine, Winter Hill Farm is a small, family run farm in Freeport. We manage a herd of very rare Randall cattle alongside Jersey cows, and operate a small creamery producing raw milk, yogurt, and award winning artisanal cheeses. We also have Berkshire pigs, a flock of laying hens,and produce seasonal vegetables and flowers for  farmers' markets and weddings. 

Our mission is to provide the local community with high quality, wholesome products while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment.

This mission follows four basic concepts which guide all we do here on the farm.


We strongly believe that our land and animals should be treated with respect and that farming practices should mimic natural, ecological systems as much as possible.


We strive for an open and honest dialog with our customers and community about the food that we produce and the way that we manage and care for the land and animals here. We encourage our community members to come see the farm and talk with us about our practices, and about our role in the broader food system.


We believe that community is the foundation of a good farming system. We grow food for our community, and in return our community supports us in our mission to provide this food while trusting us to keep the air, soil and water clean, and to handle our animals with care.

Quality of our craft

Good food speaks for itself. We believe that conservation of genetic and natural resources, coupled with good land stewardship and a strong commitment to animal welfare are all integral to creating the highest quality food.

Sustaining the land, the environment, our family and our community is the motivation for all that we do here at Winter Hill Farm. That, and we love good food!