We are currently one of the only purveyors of purebred Berkshire pork in the state of Maine. We breed registered Berks, which we believe have among the highest quality carcasses available. 


Our pigs are an excellent compliment to the dairy here at Winter Hill. The pigs are fed all of the whey produced from the cheese making process, which eliminates our need to dispose of this highly acidic (but extremely nutritious) dairy byproduct. Whey contains proteins, vitamins and minerals which makes it nearly a perfect source of food for pigs. We feed our pigs as much whey as we produce, which significantly decreases our need to feed grains. In addition,we are able to move the pigs around different parts of the farm in the growing season, which helps us to clear land if needed, and provides additional sources of nutrition for pigs as they dig and forage for goodies in the soil and graze the grasses and plants aboveground.

Photo by Alison Strachan 

 Our pork is available at our farmers' markets year round as well as here on the farm. Many of our pigs go to Rosemont market and bakery or to MEat butchery in Kittery, where the butchers work magic to create fresh cuts of our delicious pork as well as some incredible cured selections. Contact us for more information about our pigs, or check out the American Berkshire Association for more information about the Berkshire breed.