Winter Hill Farm produces artisanal cheeses, including fresh, bloomy rind, washed rind, and aged raw milk cheeses. All of our cheeses are handmade in small batches using only our milk produced here on the farm by our cows. We strive to make unique, beautiful and delicious cheeses. 

Our cheese is sold in a number of retail stores and our farmers' markets, and has been/is served at a number of restaurants in the area, including Frontier, Royal River Grillhouse, Terlingua, Vinland, Portland Hunt and Alpine Club, Norway Brewing Company, and more.

In 2015, our Tide Line cheese won 3rd place in the prestigious American Cheese Society competition in the Farmstead cheese category. The same cheese is a finalist in the Good Food Awards compeition. Our Collinsbrook cheese has the honor of being served at the distinguished James Beard house in NYC on a smorgasbord presented by Portland's Hunt and Alpine Club. 

We have served cheese plates at many events, including fundraisers and weddings. If you are interested in serving our cheese at your event, please contact us.

We also offer cheese through our CSA, and off the farm. Call ahead to make sure we have what you want.


Winter Hill Farm cheeses (note: not all cheeses are available at all times. Please contact us for our current offerings)

Fromage blance-  A creamy, spreadable cheese, flavored with seasonal herbs. A great, lower-fat substitute for cream cheese. Also a great cheese for crackers, spreading on a sandwich, or mixing in to your favorite pasta dish. Seasonal flavors include: Garlic herb, Herbs-de-Provence, Honey Lavender, Lemon Basil, Rosemary, Chive, and more.

Fromage FraisFromage Frais- A cow’s milk version of chevre. Delicate and slightly tangy, the small wheels are plain or covered in seasonings- crushed red pepper and herb, herbs de provence, cracked peppercorn and more.


Feta-  Cow’s milk feta. Crumbly but very creamy, rich in flavor. Not overly salty as many fetas are. Excellent cheese for salads, sandwiches and pizza. One of our best sellers.


Frost Gully

Frost Gully- A camembert- syle cheese. Mold ripened (also called a ‘bloomy rind’ cheese). Aged 2.5-4 weeks. These lovely little cheeses have a buttery, creamy, delicious paste covered by a delicate, earthy rind. An excellent cheese for fresh eating, pairs well with beer and wine, and tastes delicious on some French bread with a touch of fruit.


Tide LineTide line- An ashed bloomy rind cheese. Made with the same recipe as our frost gully, these beautiful and delicate cheeses are our most sought after. The paste is layered  and covered with a vegetable ash layer, lending to a distinct flavor and texture. Amazing for a cheese plate, excellent fresh eating cheese.


Everett's TomeEverett's Tome- An aged, raw milk cheese with a natural rind. Aged for 2-5 months, this creamy, semi hard cheese is mild but has a complex flavor and is named for the 'father' of the Randall cows, Everett Randall.


CollinsbrookCollinsbrook- A piquant aged raw milk cheese. Aged 6+ months, the rind is rubbed with olive oil for the first 2-3 months and then brushed regularly for the remainder of the aging process. Tangy, smooth, slightly sharp.

Bradbury Mountain Blue



Bradbury Mountain Blue- An aged raw milk, natural rind cheese. Aged 2-5 months. A very creamy blue! Not overwhelming, but distinctly blue.